Fancy Pants Baking

I’ve been seeing these French styled macarons all over the internet lately.

The nice thing about these cookies are that they contain no flour! They’re basically whipped egg whites, sugar and ground up almonds. It was after seeing these cute little ones by another daily blogger, EZ Pudewa at Creature Comforts, that I decided to take the plunge and see how hard they were to make.

Turns out . . . they’re so easy I’m going to make more today or tomorrow! Here’s the link to the recipe that EZ used. I will say this, though, READ IT CAREFULLY. Me being me, I didn’t divide the powdered sugar, so the cookies are a bit sweeter and crispier than they’re supposed to be. This is probably why I’m planning to give them another go.

I don’t know that I’ve ever tried a recipe that calls for whipping into stiff peaks but this was my interpretation:


It was fun dotting the cookie sheets with the light batter.

In no time they were baked, cooled, filled and waiting for the boys to come home and give their opinions. They could’ve eaten them all in one sitting. Which is probably the other reason I’ll make them again. They don’t last long.

These are lighter than I was anticipating. They’re like airy wisps of sweetness — not doughy at all. But they are chewy. And I must warn they are chock full of sugar — so if you’re trying to keep sugar to a minimum in your diet these would be great to give as little gifts. I’m pretty pleased with my first effort. Who’s ready to give these a try?

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